Our ISL Engineering team specialise in the recruitment of highly skilled, experienced, niche, and senior professionals for clients across a range of engineering skill sets. We have the ability to equip your team with a variety of talented engineering professionals in strict time frames; helping you bring your product ideas from realisation to market quickly. At ISL we work closely with you to deliver a sustainable, cost-effective and efficient solution that meets the changing needs of your business.

The Engineering team cover the following areas:

  • ‌• Embedded
  • ‌• Electronics
  • ‌• Mechanical Design
  • ‌• Systems

Some of the roles we cover include:

  • ‌• Embedded Software Engineer
  • ‌• Electronics Design Engineer
  • ‌• Mechanical Design Engineer
  • ‌• C++ Software Engineer
  • ‌• FPGA Design Engineer
  • • Project Manager

For further information please call 0117 428 0600 and speak to our Engineering team (

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